The future has arrived.

Fever VR changes the landscape with Virtual Reality Experience parties. Imagine exploring a whole new world without leaving the comforts of Northampton.

At Fever VR, we’ve always got brand new experiences that will take your party to new heights. We never lack for new things to do.

Do Something More Interesting This Year

Costume birthday parties themed parties, your guests have done that before, and these days, corporate events have gotten a little too repetitive. This year, why not try something new? Or better yet, combine your party plans with our VR Party Packages – we’ve got plenty of room.

What’s Virtual Reality Like?

Feel Free to book a taster session below.

You should know these experiences are not like home-based consoles – all our experiences have been designed to maximise the user experience in virtual reality. We have a number of multiplayer experiences and use the latest top of the range technology utilising our room sized VR Pods. Once you try it you will understand

There is a sense of wonder and lots of laughter. The experience of being completely immersed is like nothing you’ve ever tried before. You are there, inside the spacecraft, like watching a film but being in it instead. Your brain starts believing what your eyes are telling you.

Guided Experiences

Our guides will take guests through everything they need to get the most from the experience.

Choose From a Wide Range of Virtual Realities

Sit down, relax, watch guests use our VR headsets to enter into a whole new universe where you can be whoever, wherever you want to be. You can walk into space, fight wizards, save the world from a zombie apocalypse, battle robots, be a world-famous musician, a detective, a hero and more.

All of those experiences and more in one venue – awesome, isn’t it?

Who is it for?

The best part is, you don’t need to be an avid gamer to enjoy the world of Virtual Reality. You can be a child, a teenager, or an adult, and you will still enjoy what VR can offer. Parental guidance is available for Children Under 12.

We cater for Birthday Parties, Christmas Parties, Pre Party Parties, Team Building Corporate Events, and for Stag and Hen does are welcome if planned in advance.

Make Fever VR Your Party Venue

The venue room is dedicated to your event. Whether a small or large group, you don’t share, so you are free to plan.

So, stop planning the same old party and give us a call. Fever VR is a unique and modern way to entertain your party guests. Take away all the hassles and bustles of planning a party and book your party with us – and, why not try before you commit.

Take Your Time

Book for an hour on the way to the main event, or spend the whole afternoon or evening with us, it is your choice.

The schedule is down to you.

Book Your Virtual Reality Taster

Without seeing and feeling the worlds on offer, it is difficult to imagine what is possible. Feel free to book in for a taster session and see what it’s all about.

Let us know the date you prefer, for the Taster Session or the Party Date, and we can let you know availability.

Party Venue Enquiry

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Party Catering Options

For adult and corporate parties, we have a fully licensed VIP bar with a full range of alcoholic drinks. Soft drinks and other flavoured beverages are also available. Feel free to call or send us an email so we can arrange a party package that will suit your party needs.

Fever VR Party Planning Service*

With Fever VR Party Planning, you will not need to do all the work. All you need to do is invite your guests, and let us do the rest! You can even invite party entertainers, DJ’s, and more, we have party rooms you can use.

At Fever VR, our goal is to give you a hassle-free, out-of-this-world party that your guests won’t ever forget. With this in mind, we offer bespoke packages that you can invent – let your imagination take over.

*Optional Extra